Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Work Life Balance - what a strange coincidence

Since the day I made the posting on work life balance, my work life balance has gone hay wire.
Expectations .............

I dont understand the atttitude of Americans. They give so much importance to weekends , leisure etc, but expect us to come and work on weekends. This week I have received number of mails enquiring whether I would come and work on weekend because they want to release a product. Its a different story that the release has been delayed but who is responsible for it.
On top of that yesterday in telecon they asked that since one of the fellow is coming late to office in US would anyone of us be around in the office when he comes in which would have been around 2130 IST.
In my three years of assoication with this client , I have noticed that many people working in client's office have been going on vacation during critical release times Then how do they expect us to work on weekends.
Walk with Elephant

This weekend I was driving down one of the roads in Pune and overtook an elephant which was being ridden by two sadhus. Since I wanted to show the elephant to my one year old son, I parked the car on the road and waited for Elephant to approach us. The animal passed us at a touching distance. Since my son enjoyed it , i decided to walk with the elephant for a short distance.

Though having seen elephants in circus, television etc, never have seen it so closely. One thing which I noticed that everyone on the road was just looking at that magnificent animal. Down the road , there was a traffic signal and when the elephnat reached there it was red, but the sadhus on the elephant never cared to stop and continued moving. A traffic constable who was observing this just laughed and touched the elephant.
Probably he might have thought how will I stop him or what should I fine him and that too during the 10 days of Ganpati festival