Thursday, September 02, 2004

Work Culture in an Organization

Recently I read about a person returning to an organization inspite of having more lucrative offers because he missed the work culture. This brings forth a thought whether people work for money or they like to work where they cherish a nice friendly atomsphere.
I have changed jobs twice , first time it was for couple of reasons - money being one of them, peer pressure being another and some more. Second time was due to organization closing down , so it is difficult for me to comment

Though there have been theories that people dont leave organizations , they leave managers. I feel this is quite true because finally it is the manager only who can develop and nurture a culture in his group

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Rural Malls

Yesterday night on CNBC I saw a story that ITC has opened a rural mall near Bhopal by the name Sagar Choupal.This is an extension of their e-chaupal initiative.
The concept goes something like this .Farmers will come to ITC godowns to sell their produce and with cash in hand would visit the mall nearby. The mall stores things of daily needs from Soaps/Oil/Grocery/Clothes etc and appeared like a mall in any major city.
From the sound bites of the village folks it appeared that they favored the place as things were available cheaper over there.
ITC probably seems to derivie this concept from the traditional haat system, but whether this will succeed only time will tell. Also needs to be seen what impact it may have on rural economy
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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Double Speak

I am really surprised how people can do a double speak within minutes and that too in front of the same person.
Today I came across a situation where a person, said something in a meeting where number of senior people were around and immediately after that with juniors around he said the contrary.
As I was present in both the meetings , the concerned person didnt have the gumption to think that he is contradicting himself