Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ctrl -D

I have been thinking of doing this for last couple of months, but finally this month I have done Ctrl -D(This term has been used colloquially for putting in ones papers in the place where I work)
Though I did this couple of days back , but informed my team today. Still a fortnight before I take up new assignment.

Some people have asked me why I am putting in my papers after 6 years , but as much water has flowed down the Mula river , I would prefer keeping the reasons to me rather than disclosing and spoiling the relations at the last moment(though some people are aware of the same as they also have experienced some of the issues).

In the last couple of months , I attended a number of interviews and each was an experience in itself. Forlast 4 years I have been taking interviews , but sitting on other side is different feeling. One can easily understand what point interviewer is looking for or what he is going to ask next. At some places things didnt work out due to difference in domain knowledge or due to financial reasons.

I was surprised by "Sadashiv pethi" atttitude of some . These people directly asked me whether you are ready to work for less and these were not small organisations but medium to large ones

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Old Song

Since last couple of months my feelings can be summed up in this memorable song from the film Funtoosh , lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri , Music by S D Burman, and sung by Kishore

Dukhi Man Mere Sun Mera Kehna
Jahan Nahin Chaina Wahan Nahin Rehna

Dard Hamaara Koi Na Jaane
Apni Garaj Ke Sab Hain Deewane
Kiske Aage Rona Royen
Des Paraaya Log Begaane
Dukhi Man Mere...

Laakh Yahan Jholi Phailale
Kuchh Nahin Denge Is Jag Wale
Pathhar Ke Dil Mom Na Honge
Chahe Jitna Neer Bahaale
Dukhi Man Mere...

Apne Liye Kab Hain Yeh Mele
Hum Hain Har Ek Mele Mein Akele
Kya Paaega Is Mein Rehkar
Jo Duniya Jeevan Se Khele