Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Persistence of Placement Consultants

It has almost been a year since I have stopped considering a job change, but having regsitered ( and later deregistered ) on a job site last year, I still keep getting calls from placement consultants.
Today was another such day. The consultant called me on the cell and wanted to know if I was still working in the organization where I was working previously. When I replied in negative , he wanted to know the present organization and went into a spiel that he has a opening at some place. On expressing my reluctance , he switched mode to find out if any of my friends/ex colleagues were interested and if I can share their names. On expressing my inability to share such information , he went on wax eloquently about benefits about moving to that particular city and how things are improving there inspite of the image being presented in the media.
I would like to appreciate him for his persuasive skills and wish I have skills similar to him