Thursday, December 16, 2004


Recently Manish Chauhan made a post on his blog regarding neighbours “The So called Society “

. Here are some of my thoughts on the same based on my experiences
In last 7 years I have changed my residence thrice and each time I got different types of neighbours. First time, they were too poky to the extent that why I have not gone to office today or why I have come early from office or where I am going out for dinner. I always failed to understand what thrill they get by asking such questions
Second time , I had a doctor as a neighbour who always insisted that we keep his key at our home so that his kids could pick it up without even considering that we also need to out sometime and on top of that he used to charge an exorbitant amount incase we consulted him in case of emergency claiming it to be a home visit
To say that my recent neighbours are too aloof would be an understatement, some times they will talk too nicely but at other times their behavior puzzles us like incase if their door is open and if we open our door they will close their door with a big bang or incase they are going out of town they don’t even inform. We realize they have left when we see a lock on their door for days.

Only time will tell how more different types of neighbours I will get

Sensationalism by Media

Now a day there seems to be a tendency by media to sensationalize even trivial issues whether it is kissing in public by two bollywood actors or a TV actress asking for a Chief Ministers resignation.

In all of these instances media tries to overplay the situation, claiming them as exclusive stories whereas in fact on all the channels/newspapers you can find the same stuff. The news reports are hyped for couple of days and then a new story is picked up

One thing being clear that media can never attempt to do this unless they are tacitly being supported by the concerned people. I feel in order to achieve publicity most of these people plant stories with the help of their friends ,media obliges them as they need some or other fodder to keep viewers glued , and then these same people deny/retract the story or send a defamation notice.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Last Working Day

Friday was my last working day in the organisation where I worked for last six years.
During the day, my team gave me send off lunch with a nice card. I was really touched by the messages they wrote in the card.
While going back home I really felt very sad.

Wanted to make this post on Friday but my PC conked off , had to get OS resinstalled and finally I am back online today