Friday, August 29, 2003

Work Life Balance

Recently, one of my friend,who is a office colleague suffered from headache , dizziness at work. This was happening to him second time in last couple of months.
Those who know the person cant imagine that this can happen to him because he is a fitness freak, excerises regularly. One more thing which he does regularly is stay late at work.

Since , this was happening to him second time he consulted a doctor who diagnosed him for Hyperglycemia - which is low sugar in blood.My friend recounted his discussion with the doctor .Here it goes

In India social changes have occured too fast and compared to that our bodies have not responded in the same manner. We in IT sector work at hectic pace for 5 days which includes sitting late at work ,no regular exercise, no hobbies, no entertainment and then suddenly on weekends we try to give importance to all these things thinking that by getting involved in these activities we will get refreshed.One thing which we dont realise is we are moving from one imbalance( 5 day work) to another imbalance( 2 day leisure). This unknowingly creates a havoc on our bodies. It will take years for bodies to get accustomed to this because they are not built for such kind of cycles.
If one looks at earlier times people never had these problems because this kind of imbalance never existed in their lives, they used to work , play everyday.

According to the doc , these symptoms are quite common to people in software industry.
No wonder one reads reports in the media that prevalence of high BP , heart attacks, diabetes is increasing in the age group of 25 -35

Its high time we realise these problems and take steps to correct these

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Walking !!

When a child starts walking , he insists that you leave his hand because he wants to walk alone, but the parental instincts prevent you from leaving his hands and you have to walk with him at his pace.

Similarly , in our work related activities we may have to work(walk) with a new comer and it would be prudent on our part that we walk with him at his pace , not ours the way we do with children