Thursday, June 09, 2005

First Day at School

Today was the first day of my son at school. Probably he being too young too understand the importance of this day in life did not show any excitement, but we being parents were preparing him for the day. Though the first day lasted for just 1 hour he seems to have enjoyed it, especially the new environment.

The school administration did give us some clear cut instructions like that since they don’t want any child to bring a mobile phone to school at any time, parents should also ensure that their cells are off, not even in silent mode in the school. They made it clear that for children to be disciplined, it is essential that parents to follow the same.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Living beyond ones means

All of us, might have encountered this situation some or other time. Why is it that people we employ to do jobs for us (like watchman, cleaner, maid etc) come to us and ask for a loan or advance which is in fact couple of times their monthly salary.
Ever wondered what might be the reason? Is it their poverty or living beyond the means or simple ignorance of financial planning? One can understand if there is a medical emergency but most of the times that is not the case. At most of the places where we work, we do have the concept of salary advance, and the amount is usually equal to the number of days completed in the month never is it 4-5 times the salary. If we say no these guys, they get annoyed, so one needs to be diplomatic in answering them.

As a matter of personal principles I have decided never to give a salary loan to these guys even if the guy stops working for me