Friday, August 08, 2003


Since last two weeks I have been conducting interviews in my company. Some thoughts on the same

In an interview , how do you judge whether the candidate is really good. If you say, how he answers the questions, but is that all.
Even the questions asked depend on interviewers frame of mind and answers given surely would depend on the same.
I have also observed that some people write a lot in their resume and when questioned on the same feign ignorance.
Also can a person be judged on the basis of his handwriting. I would yes, the handwriting conveys a lot .

I love to conduct interviews because it helps you to study/read the other person. You can make a judgement by observing a person , but talking to him for some time helps you to improve your skills in observing people.
Interviewing is skill , the more you practise , the more you learn

Monday, August 04, 2003

For everything else there is MasterCard

Couple of years back MasterCard ran a TV commerical which showed a child playing with a cardboard box. Parents think that they should bring toys for children. But children being children will not play with those toys , but prefer playing with the boxes in which those toys are packed.
Looking Back

Yesterday , I completed 5 years in the company where I work. As I look back at these 5 years , I have seen the company change and grow. Needless to say many people left , many joined.Personally , I learnt a lot of things through interaction with other people. Frankly speaking, in first 2 1/2 years I learnt a lot , because the organisation was small , there were no boundaries between different project groups. You could just walk across to person working on a different project and find out what he was doing. Our current setup prevents such a kind of interaction From business point of view , such a setup may be needed , but from learning perspective it forces you to keep your vision narrow.
In these 5 years the company has moved from inside the city to outskirts. We got bigger buildings , but smaller cubicles.Earlier , I have seen couple of my friends coming to office on weekends early in the morning (6:00 a.m) , work for couple of hours and go away. Now all those things are history.

On personal front also in these 5 years saw some tough times.Now looking back those problems though quite grave in those times feel trivial now.Afterall wounds get healed with time.I feel that such tough times only make us stronger and help us prepare for more difficult challenges in the future.

As they say one should not think too much of the past but look at the future because afterall past is no longer with us and future is yet to come.