Wednesday, January 12, 2005

An Interview of different kind

Couple of days back I attended a different kind of interview with my wife. The interview was for my son’s school admission. The admission form had clearly mentioned that school does not believe in interviewing children and that’s correct approach taken by school.

We were supposed to meet the principle who asked us why we want to admit our child to their school , have we read the prospectus , how far is our residence from the school , where did we hear about the school and that’s all.
The results were supposed to be put up on Monday but yesterday I could not find time to go and see them. The school authorities had clearly mentioned that they are not going to entertain any questions on admissions and the result list. Today morning I was relieved to see my son’s name in the list. Never in my schooling or college education I felt so anxious for the result as for last couple of days.

The school in question is a different kind of school than normal school as it believes in imparting education through self learning , experimentation and hence they also limit the intake of the students. Infact , I had liked the atmosphere of the school on the day itself when I had gone to take the admission form

Monday, January 10, 2005

New Job

Today I joined a new job after 4 weeks of vacation /rest whatever you may call. These 4 weeks made me realize that I cannot sit at home. Still a long time to go but I wonder what will happen to me post retirement.

Regarding new job, it surely is bringing a lot of responsibilities. I am happy that I selected this out of all the offers which I had.