Saturday, February 12, 2005

Visually Challenged

Most of us have seen Visually Challenged people on the street and have always marveled at their ability to walk without any support. At my office in the cube, where I used to sit for some time, sits a guy, who is visually challenged. Looking at him working on the desktop no one can imagine the same as he doesn’t wear black glasses. He has normal glasses, but probably they have high power. I have seen him working deftly on Visual Studio, SQL, Outlook and even Instant messenger and heard him discussing technical issues on phone or with colleagues. He always has headphones on which gives the impression that he is listening to music, but he works using the voice interactive software. He never gets up from his seat, except for going to canteen or restroom and even at that time, his friends or project team members come and escort him.

I also didn’t realize about his handicap (or should it be even called one) until I asked one of my cube members. I was under the impression that he probably has some difficulty in walking and that’s why he needs help.