Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Working in Teams

While working in Teams what is one expected to do when one is made to feel that one is not required in the team inspite of putting in number of years building the team

Monday, November 01, 2004

Menace of cars ferrying BPO employees

This is my observation in Pune , I dont know how it is in other cities which have more BPO firms. As is the case , most of the BPO firm employees are ferried from their homes to offices in cars typically hired from some service operator. I have no grouse against this practicse.
My crib is against the car drivers. These guys drive the cars as if they are lord of the roads without paying any head to anyone.One should specially see the way they park their cars outside the offices and dont even let others drive on the road.Have even read in newspapers that these vehicles are becoming a nuisance in one of townships in Pune which has number of BPO firms

This weekend I saw number of instances of these guys breaking signals with impunity. I understand that most of these cars have a wireless system plus the drivers are provided with cell phones by the service operators.
Probably the attitude of the people these guys ferry rubs on them and they think no one can question them. I am really surprised how none of the companies which employ these cars say anything whereas these firms are at forefront of proclaiming CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilty)