Monday, May 09, 2005

Haves and Have nots

In a society, the have nots always look up to people who have things and aspire to lead a similar life. But what happens in a family when have-nots visit their folks who have. They desire to use the things which they don’t have in their homes. This is more pronounced in children and they start fiddling with things which they don’t have at home. In this process, there is a strong likelihood of they not using the things properly or damaging the same much to the consternation of their hosts.
For the hosts on their part, its a much difficult situation , on one hand they see their things not being used properly and on the other hand they even cant say no as it would surely lead to spoiling of relations. Is there a way out?

Yesterday on one of the streets in Pune I saw a Volvo bus , not allowing a Maruti to overtake.
The maruti has a sticker of tiger on the back giving clear indications whom it belonged to or the affiliations of the owner.The maruti driver some how manages to overtake the bus , stops his car in the middle of the road, forces the bus to stop and starts arguing with the driver. Then suddenly he picks up a stone and hurls it at the drivers windscreen and smashes it in an instance.

One fails to understand why the so called political class and society has become so intolerant.